From a sleepy suburb of Chicago to the majestic mountains of North Carolina, all roads lead to great stories.
A review of Four Doors Open 
5.0 out of 5 stars
March 12, 2014- By Jerry
Elaina, you did it. Your talent as a writer leaves me wishing I could borrow just a little of it. You pulled me into your life allowing me to taste and smell the world around you. That takes a talent few possess, and left me hoping the read would never end. Unfortunately it did end leaving me nothing to share with my glass of Glenfiddich. Looking very forward to the next book. 

Four Doors Open

"The FOUR Series is JaCol Publishings presentation of four authors writing about their lives. We are touched by the commonality of our uniqueness, how we look at the same setting sun, the rising moon, and all the stars in between. This collection of writers will give you pause in your daily life, help you understand we are not alone. They will peel back the layer of emotion and give you a glimpse of their soul" ​randall "Jay" andrews

Elaina Portugal author