About me

Elaina Portugal author

"My life has been filled with silver linings. They float on the breeze, longing to be tugged from the sky. Sometimes I climb trees and mountains to get a closer look and capture an iridescent thread to watch its story unfold."-Elaina Portugal

From a sleepy suburb of Chicago to the majestic mountains of North Carolina, all roads lead to great stories.

I grew up in a sleepy suburb of Chicago. Apple trees and open fields were my childhood playgrounds. Reading in the apple tree outside my bedroom window offered many hours of escape. I'd nestle into the crook in the tree and read until my legs went numb. I loved getting lost in books, lost in faraway places with characters more exotic and alluring than the people around me.
In my youth, writing was my way of expressing myself. Shy and unsure, writing took me outside of myself and forced me to engage with my surroundings and other people. I became aware of their motivations, their flaws, their hidden agendas, and my own. These observations, coupled with my wit and sarcasm, created some interesting tales.
As life went on, my writing became more contemplative and vulnerable. Whether I am writing non-fiction or fiction, I work to capture the flaws and foibles that make us human and bind us together.
I currently live in Western North Carolina with my husband, two youngest sons, and Bob, the blind Airedale. My daughter and oldest son have flown the coop to make their way in the world.